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W1 Platform - The Hollywood Blockchain

W1 Platform - The Hollywood Blockchain

Digital Identity
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W1 Digital ID’s make Entertainment Content Ownership Clear, Traceable, Secure and Monetizable

W1 Content Ownership Authority and Rights can be Transferred, Traced and Monetized.

W1 Platform allows Users to have Full Control of a variety of entertainment content.

W1 Cloud Storage & DApps, as well as W1 P2P network connectivity, running on Blockchain, allow content producers and the entire community of users to securely connect and transact business worldwide, without any interference or need for permission of third parties.

Smart Contracts
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Smart Contracts govern the terms and conditions of the transaction ─ They are Self-Executed and Enforced by Blockchain


When a pre-programmed condition is triggered with respect to any W1 Digital Assets (film, TV, music, games, sports, and other entertainment content), the associated W1 Smart Contract will autonomously execute the corresponding contract terms and conditions, including making payments, transferring ownership, granting rights, etc.


W1 Platform inherently benefits from the Decentralized features of Smart Web 3.0 Operating System, allowing for fast transaction processing while still having the full benefit of blockchain security and accountability.


Both Film Producers and Viewers stand to substantially benefit from W1 Smart Film Ecosystem, in ways that were never before possible.