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The Bermuda Premier Warmly Welcomes Wardour Studios and W1 Platform - The Hollywood Blockchain

Updated: May 17, 2020

Hamilton, Bermuda - July 12, 2019

The Honorable E. David Burt, JP, MP (PLP), the Premier of Bermuda, as well as Honorable Minister Walton Brown, and the Chief of Staff, joined by Chief of Bermuda Business Development Unit, warmly welcomed and met with Dr. Steven Nia - Chairman, Ms. Angelina Leo - Chief Operating Officer (COO), Mr. Ron Elliston - Head of Music Productions, as well as other delegation members, at the Cabinet Building in Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda.

In an hour long meeting and discussions, Dr. Steven Nia presented the W1 Platform ™ - the Hollywood Blockchain ™ , as well as its unique benefits and business model to the Honorable Premier Burt and other leaders of Bermuda government.

The Honorable Premier Burt expressed his understanding and appreciation of W1 Platform - The Hollywood Blockchain, and stated; " I am impressed by W1 Platform, as an entertainment ecosystem, and I welcome and support W1 Platform and encouraged W1 Platform’s executives to pursue the discussions with relevant legal counsel and Bermuda authorities."

Dr. Steven Nia, a true visionary and entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in Entertainment and Technology industries, is also the Chairman of World Film Institute™ (WFI), a non-profit organization aiming to tear down cultural barriers and inspiring world peace and global unification, through motion pictures and media. He also co-founded Hollywood Stars Oscars® Viewing Gala™, recognizing the Ronald McDonald House of Charities and celebrating the achievements of women in the entertainment industry.

Angelina Leo, Chief Executive Officer at W1 Platform, which is traded on ZBG global exchange platform, expressed at the Cabinet meeting, "We are here to expand our entertainment business, and establish an additional base for the W1 Platform - The Hollywood Blockchain in Bermuda. W1 Platform is a digital 4k Content Delivery Network (CDN) platform, backed by advanced blockchain technology, requires us to devise a realistic view of the world economy and its regulatory procedures, as well as the value proposition we need to present to the global audience, in order to achieve a win-win business model in the global entertainment and blockchain industry.”

The delegation represented Wardour Studios™ - a Hollywood film production and distribution studio, with an amazing and talented team for the production of VFX, as well as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), specializing in Hollywood-China co-productions and co-financing; and W1 Platform™ - The Hollywood Blockchain™, the next generation global 4K streaming platform, the first comprehensive and decentralized entertainment ecosystem for Hollywood and the entertainment industry, at large.

During its one week visit to Bermuda, the delegation was warmly welcomed and received by various authorities from Bermuda government ministries and committees.

For more information please contact The Hollywood Blockchain PR Team

Or visit W1 Platform™ - The Hollywood Blockchain™

About Wardour Studios ™

Wardour Studios™ is a state of the art, next generation, film studio, with a creative and advanced technology foundation, specializing in Hollywood - China co-producing and co-financing. Wardour Studios is a full service Hollywood film and TV production company, with film and television IP, as well as expertise in live action and animated films. Wardour Studios’ team strives and is committed to the creation and development of advanced digital production, visual effects (VFX), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), motion capture, artificial intelligence (AI) and Robotics, as well as exploitation of ancillary on a global basis. The team also possess extensive experience in post production, editing, cinematography, workflow management, and various other aspects of digital production and distribution.

Wardour Studios is rapidly emerging as a leading global entertainment company, with its advanced digital streaming platform, “W1 Platform™ - The Hollywood Blockchain™”, offering global 4K streaming and Content Delivery Network (CDN).

For more information please contact

About W1 Platform™ - The Hollywood Blockchain™

W1 Platform™ - The Hollywood Blockchain™ is an entertainment ecosystem based on the advanced blockchain technology, and Smart Web 3.0 infrastructure. W1 Platform™ is designed for ultra fast performance, providing a platform with highly sophisticated decentralized blockchain network for secure and accountable financing, production, and global exploitation of Films, TV, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Games, Music and other entertainment content.

W1 Platform™ defines a new paradigm in the entertainment industry, enabling an ideal entertainment business model for Digital Assets, Digital Rights Management (DRM), Digital ID, and Smart Contracts, with implications far beyond streaming film and TV, and other digital content.

On W1 Platform™, filmmakers, producers, composers, musicians, talents, gamers, and all other users can secure their property rights and monetize content. W1 Platform™ further empowers it's community with peer-to-peer (P2P) connectivity, enabling them to conduct sophisticated transactions of their own, based on their designated business model, all of which would be encoded in smart contracts.

The architecture, design, and business model for W1 Platform™ originated from Hollywood based Wardour Studios™. The innovations of W1 Platform™ creates the ultimate entertainment ecosystem, through which a community of hundreds of millions may enjoy and monetize Ultra High Definition (UHD 4K) streaming movies, programmed and live TV, music and concerts, sports, all events, catch-up TV, network recording, gaming, as well as emerging VR/AR and AI based entertainment contents.

For more information, please contact

About World Film Institute™

World Film Institute™ (WFI) is a nonprofit organization supporting the advancement and recognition of the arts and the motion picture industry worldwide.

WFI, founded by Olympia Gellini, and chaired by Steven Nia, strives to tear down cultural barriers aiming at world peace and unification of the world citizens, through arts, media and motion pictures, and promotes racial, gender and ethnic equality, offering its members and public at large, distinguished global awards including Family Film Awards (aired on CBS), Olympia Awards, and American World Film Awards.

WFI also offers a vast resource of services, including film studies, scholarships, motion picture industry seminars, advanced technological support, networking opportunities as well as exclusive entertainment and fashion industry events. Angelina Leo, the spokesperson for WFI, has positioned and aligned WFI with the China Belt and Road initiative.

For additional information, please contact

World Film Institute

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